Mili Gorge is a stunning green oasis near the town of Rethymno. It is actuallya ravine inside which hosts a huge number of plants and trees, a real botanic garden. It is located north of the village Chromonastiri and south of Xero Chorio. In recent years it attracts many walkers who trek along a nice trail. At the middle of the canyon we meet the deserted village of Mili (i.e. Mills) which is divided into two neighborhoods, Ano (Upper) and Kato (Lower) Mili. Its name is taken after the water mills that were housed in the gorge, about 30. The villagers were mostly millers and almost all cereals in the region and the surrounding villages were milled at Mili. The last residents left Mili in 1972 and since then it is deserted, but now a house has become a cafe-restaurant for guests. The fear for landslides was the reason that led the villagers to leave and build high above the gorge, on the west, the village New Mili. Read more:… Some locals tell a stories that somewhere in gorge in a cave live men from New Zealand, but maby it’s just a rumor… who knows! 🙂